Award Winners Archive

View the recipients of some of the highest awards available in the association.  Additional award winners can be viewed by clicking the buttons below each award.

Achievement Award

The purpose of the Achievement Award Program is to encourage and recognize excellence in the field of professional Extension for members with less than ten years of service.  Each year, each State Recognition and Awards Committee may submit the names of up to 2% or fraction thereof of the state’s membership.  Nominees must be members of the State and National Association the year that they receive the award.

Year Name County / Affiliation
2023 Carolyn Ihde Crawford & Richland
2022 Kaitlyn Davis LaCrosse
2021 Lyssa Seefeldt Eau Claire
2020 Heather Schlesser Marathon
2019 Sarah Mills-Lloyd Oconto

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Year Name County / Affiliation
2018 Katie Wantoch Dunn
2017 Trisha Wagner Jackson
2016 Heidi Johnson Dane
2015 Mark Hagedorn Eau Claire
2014 Ken Schroeder Portage
2013 Aerica Bjurstrom Kewaunee
2012 Adam Hady Richland
2011 Steve Huntzicker La Crosse
2010 Kevin Jarek Outagamie
2009 Aliesha Crowe Rusk
2008 David Fischer Dane
2007 Jerry Clark Chippewa
2004 Matt Jorgensen Clark


Distinguished Service Award

The purpose of the Distinguished Service Award Program is to encourage and recognize excellence in the field of professional Extension for members with more than ten years of service, who have conducted outstanding programs, and are held in high esteem by their fellow workers.  Nominations are limited to 2% and/or major fraction thereof, of the membership of each state. They must be members of their State and National associations the year that they are selected.

Recipients of the DSA should have worked out, and put into effect, an effective Extension program which includes carrying to completion, some constructive and outstanding work.  Recipients shall be actively interested in the improvement of the Extension profession and should participate in the affairs of the State Association and constructively support its program. Each recipient should have studied some specific Extension subject by group study, correspondence, university residence study, or should have pursued some other means to improve his/her abilities.

Year Name County / Affiliation
2023 Tina Kohlman Fond du Lac, Ozaukee, Sheboygan, & Washington / Regional Dairy Educator
2022 Aerica Bjurstrom Kewaunee, Brown, & Door / Regional Dairy Educator
2021 Ryan Sterry St. Croix
2020 Adam Hady Formerly Richland
2019 Mark Hagedorn Eau Claire

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Year Name County / Affiliation
2018 Joy Kirkpatrick Center for Dairy Profitability
2017 Kevin Jarek Outagamie
2016 Barbara Larson Kenosha
2015 Greg Blonde Waupaca
2014 Ted Bay Grant/Lafayette
2013 Zen Miller Outagamie
2012 Jerry Clark Chippewa
2011 Greg Andrews Pierce
2010 Matt Hanson Dodge
2009 Mark Mayer
Lee Milligan
St. Croix
2008 N / A
2007 Nolan Andersen Dane
2006 Bob Cropp
2005 Jim Faust Dunn
2003 Vance Haugen Crawford
1999 Tom Kriegl
Mike Wildeck
Center for Dairy Profitability
1991 Don Drost


Hall of Fame Award

The purpose of the NACAA Hall of Fame Award is to recognize NACAA individuals for demonstrated commitment, dedication and effective leadership in job performance as an outstanding educator, consideration for association involvement at both the state and national level, and outstanding humanitarian service. This award recognizes NACAA members with sustained and distinguished careers.  This award will be presented annually to one person from each of the four NACAA regions. The candidate must have previously been awarded the Distinguished Service Award (DSA) to be eligible for this award.

Candidates for this award must meet the following criteria to be successful in achieving this high award.

Demonstrated commitment, dedication and effective leadership in job performance as an outstanding educator. Quality of Extension Programs includes the scope, innovation and appropriateness of the nominee’s program to the identified needs of the people and community within his or her assigned area or state.

Adequate association involvement at the State and National level. Involvement includes length of membership, committee assignments, offices held, AM/PIC attendance, and special assignments.

Humanitarian activities and leadership outside of normal Extension programming. Humanitarian activities may span any length of time and involve any type of service to one’s community beyond the normal call of duty.


      • Volunteerism (Red Cross, civic organizations, hospital, EMT, church, youth organizations, crisis teams, etc.)
      • Leadership (Civic organizations, community action groups, church, schools, crisis teams, boards, etc.)
      • Personal (Acts of heroism, care of foster children or elderly, philanthropy, etc.)
Year Name County / Affiliation
2021 Don Drost Barron
2016 Mahlon Peterson Eau Claire
2013 Randy Knapp Chippewa

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WACAA Recognition Awards

The Wisconsin Association of County Agriculture Agents presents awards to deserving State Specialists and individuals in affiliated industry who have went above and beyond in helping Extension achieve its mission of bringing university research out to the residents of the state.

Second Mile Award

The Second Mile Award is assigned to State Specialists, administrators, and other individuals not in a county educator role who have went above and beyond to help Extension deliver its programs, share out research, and support county educators in their work.

Year Name Title / Affiliation
2023 Kevin Shelley
Glenn Nice
South Central Nutrient Pest Management Specialist
UW Pesticide Application Training Program Manager
2022 Jenny Vanderlin Center for Dairy Profitability
2021 Francisco Arriaga
Steven Deller
Extension Soil Specialist
Community Development Economist
2020 Matt Akins
Rodrigo Werle
Jamie Patton
Extension Dairy Specialist
Extension Weed Scientist
Nutrient Management Program Specialist
2019 Chris Baxter
Shawn Conley
Soils Specialist, UW-Platteville
Soybean Specialist, UW-Madison

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Year Name Title / Affiliation
2018 Brian Luck
Patty McManus
Biological Systems Engineering, UW-Madison
Plant Pathology. UW-Madison
2017 Brenda Boetel Marketing Specialist, UW-River Falls
2016 Damon Smith Field Crop Plant Pathologist, UW-Madison
2015 Pam Ruegg
Kevin Erb
Paul Kivlin
Dairy Science, UW-Madison
Environmental Research Center
Nutrient & Pest Management Program
2014 Eileen Cullen
Amanda Gevens
Russ Groves
Mark Stephenson
Field Crop Entomologist
Vegetable Plant Pathologist
Vegetable Entomologist
Center for Dairy Profitability
2013 Liv Sandberg
Victor Cabrera
Equine Specialist
Dairy Management Specialist
2012 Dave Williams
Joy Kirkpatrick
Agriculture and Natural Resources Extension
Center for Dairy Profitability
2011 Mark Renz
Greg Hadley
Extension Weed Specialist
Extension Farm Management Specialist / Center for Dairy Profitability
2010 Paul Fricke
Cheryl Skjolaas
Larry Baumann
Dairy Cattle Reproduction Extension Specialist
Extension Farm Safety Coordinator / UW Center for Agricultural Safety and Health
Animal & Food Science Specialist / UW-River Falls & Extension


Friend of the County Agent

Friend of the County Agent is assigned to individuals in industries affiliated with agriculture who have went above and beyond in helping Extension achieve its mission of bringing university research out to the residents of the state.

Year Name Title / Affiliation
2023 Tammy Vaassen
Millaine Wells
Executive Director of the Wisconsin Beef Council
Broadcaster at WFRV Local 5 Green Bay
2022 Ray Melander River Country Cooperative
2021 Dave Buss
Bob & Jim Conant
Davali Ridge Hops
Bohica Hops
2020 Ashleigh Calaway
Rio Creek Feed Mill
Wisconsin Farm Bureau District 8 Coordinator
2019 Julie Gabris
Peg & Randy Urness
Ron & Beth Fruit
Professional Dairy Producers of Wisconsin
Fine Bine Farms, Rosholt
WRCO Radio, Richland Center

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Year Name Title / Affiliation
2018 Corey Geiger Hoard’s Dairyman
2017 WEAU 13 News, Eau Claire
2016 No recipients
2015 Frank Friar
Jeff Polenske
Tilth Agronomy Group
2014 Dr. Gary Onan
Bob Middendorf
WKBT News 8, LaCrosse
Farm Director, WGLR, Platteville
2013 Gary Siporski
Ag Star Financial Services, ACA
Dairy Development Manager, Vita-Plus Corporation
Baldwin and Rice Lake Office Teams
2012 George Twohig
Tom Novak
Twohig Reitbrock Schneider & Halbach S.C.
Total Crop Management
2011 Brian Winnikens
Robert Foundraine
COW 97 Radio
2010 Nathan Phelps
Nodji & Jim Van Wychen
Green Bay Press Gazette