WACAA Committee Chairpersons

Below you will find the contacts for the various committees.  Behind each contact is when their term expires. Unless otherwise noted, terms are three year periods.  Terms expire June 30 and start July 1.  E.g. Jenny Extension (2018) would have started her term on July 1, 2015, and her term ended on June 30, 2018.

Do you have questions about what each of these committees/chair roles do?  Review the WACAA policies and procedures manual for more details, check out the NACAA Committee Members Handbook, talk with one of the Board of Directors, or contact the committee chair directly.

Extension Development Council Committees

Agriculture Issues: Katie Wantoch (2023)
Early Career Development:
Heather Schlesser (2023)
Leadership & Administrative Skills Development: Vacant (chair needed for 2022-2025)
Teaching and Educational Technology: 
Lyssa Seefeldt (2024)

Program Recognition Council Committees

Communications: Alana Voss (2023)
Professional Excellence:
Jerry Clark (2024)
Public Relations & Agricultural Awareness:
Matt Lippert (2023)
Recognition and Awards:
Vacant (chair needed for 2022-2024)
Scholarship: Sandy Stuttgen (2023)
Search for Excellence:
Ryan Sterry (2022)

Life Membership: Otto Weigand & Tom Kriegl (2023)

Professional Improvement Council State Contacts

4-H and Youth: Bernie O’Rourke (2023)
Ag Economics & Community Development: Jenny Vanderlin (2022)
Agronomy and Pest Management:
Vacant (chair needed through 2025)
Animal Science:
Heather Schlesser (2024)
Horticulture & Turfgrass: Margaret Murphy (2025)
Natural Resources & Aquaculture: Ken Schroeder (2023)
SARE/Sustainable Agriculture: Vacant (chair needed through 2024)


View the revised (May 2018) WACAA Policies and Procedures Manual