WACAA Scholarships

1. Must have been a member of the WACAA for at least two years.
2. Scholarship requests may be considered for graduate study, tours, conferences, workshops, etc.
3. Must be currently employed in Extension and plan to continue same for at least two years.
4. Study cannot be completed before application is approved and must be started within one year following approval.
5. Scholarship will not be paid until study is completed (short-term study) or one semester or quarter is completed (long-term study). It is the applicant’s responsibility to notify the treasurer of WACAA upon completion of the study.
6. The scholarship amount is $500.
7. Scholarships will not be granted more than once in three years for an individual.
8. Applications are due May 1 and Nov 1 to WACAA Scholarship Committee chairperson.

It is preferred that scholarship applications be sent to Scholarship Committee chairperson as an e-mail file attachment.

Download the WACAA Scholarship Application in a MS Word format.

Applications will be considered during the year if the funds from the previous year were not expended.
Applications are approved by the WACAA scholarship committee and WACAA board of directors.

NACAA Scholarships

The National Association of County Agricultural Agents also has funds available for professional improvement. Criteria are as follows:

1. Must be an NACAA member in good standing for the past two years.
2. Applications must be approved and signed by the WACAA president, WACAA scholarship committee chair, and the Ag and Natural Resources Program Leader.
3. Each applicant must have contributed at least $100 to the NACAA scholarship fund.
4. Award is for individual or group professional improvement.
5. Applications are due June1 to WACAA scholarship committee chairperson.

View and submit a NACAA scholarship application from the NACAA website.