Plan: Implement

When you deliver your program, theory meets reality. What you do determines whether your audience is attracted and stays involved. Often the people who are most effective at successfully delivering programs are teachers or other education professionals. Natural resource professionals should ask their education partners for help in planning how to deliver the program and in carrying out its delivery.

How will you manage the program? What will your target audience actually do? Have you taken advantage of the unique locations and qualities of water to make your program fun and memorable? Have you incorporated appropriate instructional strategies? How will instructors make sure that activities meet program goals? What mechanisms have you set up to recognize the contributions of participants, volunteers and staff?

Figuring out how you will implementing your program is where you really have to pay attention to how people learn and how your target audience wants to learn. Review Learning Theory information and rely on Tools for Teaching for ideas on how to approach different education challenges or audiences. Refer to Essential BEPs to make sure that your teaching strategies pay attention to learner needs as:

  • Individuals
  • Part of a class or group
  • In an on-line course
  • In the community
  • People in a regional setting or working at policy levels beyond the community level

Answer these questions:

  1. Have you attended to basic management issues to ensure smooth program operation?
  2. How will you apply good instructional strategies?
  3. How will you recognize the contributions of participants, volunteers or staff?