Plan: Inventory Resources

Education programs require careful planning to ensure that well-trained staff, facilities, and support materials are available to accomplish program goals and objectives. (NAAEE, 2004)

Your Logic Model (PDF, 1 pp., 10KB) has an Input section, “What we invest”. This is where you note:

  • Resources needed to develop and implement the program
  • Groups, agencies or other sources (such as the library or internet) that already address your education topic and could help
  • Grants, fees or other funding
  • Activities designed to build understanding about needs and resources to address needs (advisory group meetings, surveys, etc.)

Resources might include:

  1. Quality instructional staff
  2. Safe and appropriate facilities
  3. Support materials
  4. Community support
  5. Adequate funding


NAAEE. 2004. Nonformal Environmental Education Programs: Guidelines for Excellence, provides general guidelines for designing, implementing and evaluating an education program.