Plan consistency and your comprehensive Plan — September 2009

September 30, 2009 – Topic: Plan Consistency and your comprehensive plan

Discussion Outline 9-30-09 – (1 page, 35 KB)

Implementation- Element Guide– see Chapter 2, page 9 and Chapter 4, pages 23-27 (40 pages,1575 KB)

Internal Consistency Examples(from various adopted plans) (1 page, 55 KB)

Sample Land Use District descriptions from St. Croix County Comprehensive Plan (4 pages, 174 KB)

Sample Re-zoning Resolution for Towns (4 pages, 81 KB)

“Let the Courts Decide: Planning and Zoning Consistency”, APA Zoning Practice, November 2005, article by Brian Ohm (8 pages, 1504 KB)

Consistency and the Comp Plan, article in League of Municipalities Vol 98, No. 7, by Brian W. Ohm, J.D. (7 pages, 1177 KB)

County Plan Amendment Process Flow Chart(2 pages, 78 KB)

Activity and Map Conflict Resolution(1 page, 18 KB)


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