Outcomes of Y-AP

What outcomes can I expect with a quality Youth-Adult Partnership?

This session highlights the positive outcomes that result from youth-adult partnership.  Most certainly, the research shows that young people benefit.  But, it is not just young people, the adult partners also benefit in terms of gaining new skills and confidence in working with young people.  Partnerships are energizing.  And, finally, 4-H as an organization benefits.  People see that 4-H is a leader in the community, one that is helping develop the newest generation of leaders.


Y-AP:  Impacting Individuals and Communities,  Zeldin and Petrokubi (6 pages) published in The Prevention Researcher. Volume 15(2)-A, April 2008

Playlist of The Outcomes of Quality Y-AP I – III (~8.5 min. total)

After considering the readings and the videos:

How might youth benefit from being in a partnership with adults?
How might you benefit from participation? How will 4-H benefit?