Training Structure

In this training there are eight self-paced “sessions” designed for part-time staff, volunteers or new staff joining organizations where youth and adults share leadership. Each session includes information that can be read and watched. Here is a printable overview: Youth-Adult Partnership Training: A Resource for Volunteers and New Professionals.

At the end of this self-guided training you should be able to answer these six questions:

  • How can I work with youth and adults to create an effective program? (Implementing High Quality Y-AP)
  • What outcomes can I expect with a quality Youth-Adult Partnership? (Outcomes of Y-AP)
  • Where are the best opportunities for Youth-Adult Partnership in my program? (Where to Start?)
  • What tools are available for continuous improvement? (Y-AP Tools for Creating Quality)
  • How do I use Y-AP to recruit new youth and adults into the program? (Y-AP Recruitment)
  • Where are good examples of Y-AP in Wisconsin? (Y-AP in Wisconsin)Apple

What do you hope to learn from this on-line training program?
What sessions might b
e of greatest interest to you?

When you have completed all the modules – complete your certificate at the apple.