Y-AP Recruitment

How do I use Y-AP to recruit new youth and adults into the program?

It is important to recruit a sufficient number of youth and adults who want to work as partners.  This can be a challenge.   Fortunately, it is again true that many people have struggled with the issue in the past.  Some proven strategies for recruitment have emerged.  This session provides some of the most helpful hints.

Keeping it Fresh, in The Prevention Researcher, Volume 18, Supplement, December 2011by Shepherd Zeldin,, Julie Petrokubi, M.S., Stoney McCart, Nishad Khanna, M.A., Jessica Collura, M.S., and Brian Christens, Ph.D., (6 pages).

Recruiting Youth from Best Practices in Youth Philanthropy, Coalitions of Community Foundations for Youth, (p.17).

Playlist on Y-AP Recruitment I-IV (~10 min.)

After considering the readings and the videos:

What are two or three recruitment strategies that you believe might be effective in your county?