Implementing High Quality Y-AP

How can I work with youth and adults to create an effective program?

This session defines the core components of youth-adult partnership.  It speaks to the importance of giving youth a voice — that is, engaging youth in program and activity decisions.  It also speaks to the supportive role of adults — that is, providing guidance and experience to youth, while at the same time, allowing them to lead and learn on their own. Right Upper Leaf


Understanding Innovation: Youth Adult Partnerships in Decision Making  Zeldin and Petrokubi (6 pages) published in The Prevention Researcher, Volume 13(1) • February 2006

Best Practices: Connecting Adults as Partners (Coalition of Community Foundations for Youth, 2003, p.15).

National League of Cities CoverBuild Youth Adult Partnerships to Support Engagement (National League of Cities, 2012, p.31).

Playlist of Implementing High Quality Y-AP I -IV (~17.5 min. total)

 After considering the readings and the videos:

What are the two or three most important things you can do to strengthen the quality of youth-adult partnerships in your organization?