Irrigation Scheduling & Evapotranspiration Data

Topics Concerning Programs to Help Schedule Irrigation

There are several ways to manage and schedule your crop irrigation. Each involves collecting and entering data to an analysis tool to help make irrigation decisions.

 Computer Software Program for Scheduling Irrigation:

  • The Wisconsin Irrigation Scheduling Program (WISP) is a free, research-based program that uses a water budget approach to irrigation scheduling much like balancing a checkbook. This is a web based application that can be accessed anywhere you have an internet connection. Find the program here.
  • Find a User Guide to the WISP-2012 HERE. There is also a link on the WISP-2012 program home page.

A Spreadsheet Method to Schedule Irrigation:

  • You can enter data into a customized Excel spreadsheet to plan your irrigation schedule. Find the University of Wisconsin-Extension Irrigation Scheduler spreadsheet here.
  • Find a Quick Guide to the Wisconsin Irrigation Scheduler spreadsheet here.

UW Extension Ag Weather –

This web page has maps of Reference Evapotranspiration data that can be used to estimate the ET at your location. You can also subscribe to receive ET data daily by email at this link. You will need the latitude and longitude of the field(s)/farm you which to get the ET for. A good website for determining latitude and longitude is You just need an address and it will determine the latitude and longitude.


  • Methods to Monitor Soil Moisture, publication A3600-02, is a University of Wisconsin-Extension publication about how to monitor soil moisture. Read or download it here, or at the UW-Extension Learning Store website.
  • Irrigation Management in Wisconsin, publication A3600-01, is a University of Wisconsin-Extension publication about crop irrigation. Read or download it here,.or at the UW-Extension Learning Store website.