Research Accelerators: Milwaukee E-STEM Project

Inquiry-based science investigations designed to engage youth with high-quality data collection technologies, using scientific storytelling to elevate youth voice and honor community contexts.

What is scientific storytelling? The Research Accelerators program uses scientific storytelling to ground environmental STEM education in experience, connecting science concepts and skills to community and personal contexts. This novel approach is rooted in years of research and collaborative practice in Milwaukee and around the country. See the Research & Publications page for more information on the research that informs this approach.

Research Accelerators is facilitated with schools in the Milwaukee area, thanks to grants and support from partner organizations. The Research Accelerators help prepare students for the Science Strikes Back community science fair in February each year. Since 2016, Research Accelerators represents  outreach focused on intentional technology use and storytelling to support educational outcomes for students in Milwaukee. Each year the program is expanded to include more schools.

Use the links below to navigate the Research Accelerators and Milwaukee Green STEM reports from years past.

Research Accelerator: Milwaukee Environmental STEM (E-STEM) 2018-2019 Report

Milwaukee Green STEM 2017-2018 Report

Milwaukee Green STEM 2016-2017 Report