What? You’re not watching Sesame Street anymore?

pexels-photo-123335As your 9- to 14-year old matures and grows so do her interests and abilities. Although it may seem like only yesterday (and it may have been) that your tween was watching younger shows, she may suddenly be ready for new responsibilities and privileges.

Be an eParent®! As your tween matures, work out new responsibilities and privileges around digital media. Allow your tween more choices in buying video games or downloading music (but pay attention to the ratings).

Some research has shown that those who are able to assess a situation and make a good decision are often more successful. By allowing your tween to become more active in the decision-making that affects his life you will nurture your relationship with your tween and his problem-solving skills. Your tween still needs limits. You can acknowledge and encourage decision-making and problem-solving skills by involving her in setting limits. Here are steps to help teach your tween how to make positive decisions.

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Revised November 2018

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