2019 Corn Silage Dry Down Days

Let Whole Plant Moisture Be Your Guide to Harvest Time!

The best lactation performance by dairy cows has been shown to occur when corn silage is harvested at 65-70 percent moisture. This range of whole plant moisture also works well for achieving good packing and silage fermentation in horizontal silos. Determining whole plant moisture prior to harvest is one management practice to ensure high quality forages.

Starting September 17, for four weeks on Tuesdays, Fond du Lac County Extension and Forage Council are partnering to test your corn silage samples with next day results. While there is no fee for this service, please provide 4-5 stalks, cut at chopper height that morning, and drop them off between 10 am and 12 noon at Country Visions Cooperative, 457 W 11th Street in Fond du Lac.

Results will be published at https://fyi.extension.wisc.edu/fdlag/fdl-ag-corn-silage/
2019 Corn Silage Dry Down