4-H Clubs

Kewaunee County has 12 clubs to choose from.


Day of Month Time Location
Bells of Luxemburg 2nd Tuesday 7:00pm Kewaunee County Fairgrounds
Bolt Buccaneers 2nd Tuesday 7:15pm Art and Sandy Schweiner Home
Busy Badgers 3rd Tuesday 7:00pm St. Paul’s School, Montpelier
Casco Comets 2nd Monday 7:00pm Holy Trinity School
Champion Sparkplugs 4th Tuesday 7:00pm Kewaunee County Fairgrounds
Kewaunee Dream Catchers 1st Sunday 12:00pm Kewaunee Public Library
Kewaunee Hilltoppers 2nd Sunday 6:00pm Meeting location will be announced
Lincoln Champions 2nd Monday 7:00pm St. Peters Church basement, Lincoln
Pilsen Skylighters 3rd Thursday 7:00pm Montpelier Town Hall
Royal Raiders 2nd Monday 7:00pm St. John’s, Rankin
Silver Creek Cubs 2nd Tuesday 6:00pm St. Paul’s School, Algoma
Stars of Carlton 1st Tuesday 7:00pm Carlton Town Hall