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2020 Livestock Project Credit Meetings gold handout

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Shawano County Fair Rules related to Livestock

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Members credit status, updated 7.8.20

Important note: If you submitted your contract and DNA samples by the due date and did not tell us you were not interested in participating in the county fair you should find your name on this list.  If you think you SHOULD be on the list and don’t see your name please call Terri at the extension office.

Livestock member letter 2020  mailed 4/14/20

2020 Rules and information of special note:

Per the Shawano Area Ag Society, exhibitors are only allowed to sell an animal in one county fair’s sale. 

All livestock exhibitors will be limited to no more than 2 market animals, regardless of species to bring to the fair. First and second year swine exhibitors will be limited to one swine. (If you are in beef or sheep, you may bring one of those as your second animal.)
The Committee will be accepting hair sample kits/tags ONLY for the 2020 fair.

  • Tags cost $11, if you have tags from last year, you can purchase envelops for $6
  • You may purchase the tags from the Extension Office,  located in the Shawano County Courthouse, Room 109.

2020 Weigh Ins

  • Beef – April 4, 9-12pm, Equity, Bonduel – cancelled for 2020
  • Sheep – May 7, 5-6:30pm, Shawano County Fairgrounds – cancelled for 2020
  • No Swine weigh

It is mandatory in 2020 for ALL livestock exhibitors participate in a YQCA training.  More information about this can be found on the website Click on the “Sign up or Log in” link to register. Be sure to sign in through the 4hOnline option and use your log in information from that. This allows us to track your participation and for you to earn your credit.

Due by August 1 will be the yellow copy of your contract with the animals tied to a specific exhibitor.  When you enter for the fair through FairEntry, please enter the animal(s) you are MOST LIKELY to bring.  (You will be able to change that, if necessary, at Final Weigh In to one of the other animals you marked on that yellow contract).  An example of the completed form is here. Contract – instructions for animal ID

Due by Final Weigh In, your picture. You CAN turn it in earlier to avoid the rush and know that it meets requirements.  Read the blue rules for more information.

Remember, these are only changes from previous years. Refer to the complete Rules handout for all rules pertaining to 2020.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate contacting the Shawano County 4-H Livestock Committee:

  • Key Chair: Tracie Brede – 715-853-2169
  • Vice Chair: Paul McClone – 715-460-0600
  • Beef Chair: Jeff Kabara – 920-660-9885
  • Swine Chair: Joel Nischke – 715-584-2095
  • Sheep Chair: Terri Dallas – 715-304-9483

Fair Representatives:

  • Beef Superintendent: Ben Brown – 920-604-3558
  • Sheep Superintendent: Eileen Lamm – 715-250-3240
  • Swine Superintendent: Jim Fuhrman – 715-881-0397