Burkett, E. & M. Blickenderfer. (2004) Finding 1

Provide landowners with hands-on, practical training about individual property management choices. Describe choices in the context of information about broader ecosystem science and impacts.

The learning experience: Enables the learner to link new knowledge to their existing knowledge in meaningful ways.

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The learning experience: Builds from key principles underlying environmental education.• Systems and interdependence are characteristics of the biological and natural order.• Natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities disciplines contribute to understanding of the environment and environmental issues.• Learner connections to immediate surroundings provide a base for understanding larger systems, broader issues, causes and consequences.

Citation: Burkett, E. & M. Blickenderfer. (2004). Shoreland Revegetation Workshops Promote Environmental Stewardship. Best Education Practices (BEPs) for Water Outreach Professionals: Defining BEPs, Refining New Resources and Recommending Future Actions Symposium. University of Wisconsin — Environmental Resources Center.
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