Lankford, B., van Koppen, B., Franks, T., & Mahoo, H. (2004) Finding 2

The complexity of the science–policy interface is a feature of integrated water resources management (IWRM) and that the norms of scientific uncertainty in the face of competing theories (held by their protagonists with greater certainty) obliges scientists to take a more active role in sensitively managing the advice-to-policy process in order to improve management of water within river basins.

Beyond the Community 
The learning experience: Builds value for education as part of policy development and implementation.

Citation: Lankford, B., van Koppen, B., Franks, T., & Mahoo, H. (2004). Entrenched views or insufficient science?: Contested causes and solutions of water allocation; insights from the great ruaha river basin, tanzania. Agricultural Water Management, 69(2), 135-153.
Citation Type: Research