Sharon Lezberg
Community Development Educator

Hello. I’m the community development educator with UW-Madison Extension at Dane County. In this role, I support organizational capacity building for nonprofit organizations, specifically by developing educational programs and providing consulting on organizational and program planning and evaluation. As a facilitator, I work with public entities (such as local government) to design and implement inclusive engagement processes in community decision making. I’m the co-lead for Extension’s Edible Startup Summit, and annual training bootcamp for food business entrepreneurs, and a co-developer of the Nonprofit Peer Learning Program (launching Sept. 2021).

I’ve lived in Dane County for 30 years. During that time, I’ve worked at various non-profit organizations and at the University of Madison-Wisconsin. I joined Dane County Extension in 2014, with my primary area of focus organizational and leadership development. Prior to joining Dane County Extension, I served as an Associate Scientist at the Environmental Resources Center, where I led research and outreach projects on community-based food systems, sustainable energy development, and outreach to women and Hispanic farmers.  My experience includes non-profit management, facilitation, program development and management, evaluation, and research. I’ve received a PhD in Land Resources from the Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies, a M.A. from Clark University in International Development and Social Change, and a B.A. in anthropology from the University of Michigan.

Natural Resources Educator – Currently vacant


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