Parliamentary Procedure, Videos from the Local Government Center

Elected officials, appointed member of a local government unit, and facilitators of formal bodies that operate under Robert’s Rules of Order will find it essential to understand the nuances of parliamentary procedure.

UW-Extension’s Local Government Center recently produced a series of brief videos that offer guidance on four critical and sometimes confusing topics related to parliamentary procedure including:

You can find these videos, and others (including a series on Open Meetings Law) on the Center’s YouTube page (,

The videos feature Dan Hill (recently retired Local Government Specialist) and Larry Larmer (Local Government Center Outreach Specialist), experienced experts in teaching and practicing parliamentary procedure in Wisconsin as well as other Center Specialists and support staff serving as actors. Each video highlights the issue, offers background on why the issue may present itself and demonstrates the proper ways to address that issue within the context of a formal meeting. These videos can be shared with boards, councils or organizational leadership during a typical meeting of the body. Videos range in duration from 4-6 minutes.