Walker, A. (2004) Finding 2

When developing watershed education materials:

  • Adapt watershed education teaching materials to align with grade-appropriate science curriculum standards.
  • Involve the state office of education and other education stakeholders in the revision process.

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Zint, M., Kraemer, A., Northway, H., & Lim, M. (2002) Finding 3

Build student environmental stewardship motivation and competencies by focusing on the characteristics of environmentally responsible behavior:

  • Knowledge of issues
  • Skill in actions
  • Knowledge of ecology and actions
  • Group locus of control
  • Intention to act
  • Environmental sensitivity
  • Personal responsibility
  • Individual locus of control

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Beiswenger, R., Sturges, E. L., & Jones, R. (1991) Finding 4

Provide teachers with substantial support, to better enable them to build water supply and management topics into their curricula, by:

  • Providing them with the following, to assure that they can successfully implement a curriculum: Supportive curriculum resources; Training to support thorough understanding of scope and content objectives

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