Beiswenger, R., Sturges, E. L., & Jones, R. (1991) Finding 4

Provide teachers with substantial support, to better enable them to build water supply and management topics into their curricula, by:

  • Providing them with the following, to assure that they can successfully implement a curriculum: Supportive curriculum resources; Training to support thorough understanding of scope and content objectives

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Dijksterhuis, O. W. (1996) Finding 1

Document information and outreach work to help improve ability to assess the relationship between outreach and outcomes and to exchange materials and knowledge with others. Evaluate progress toward clearly defined objectives. Continue reading →

Dijksterhuis, O. W. (1996) Finding 2

Understand the roots of the environmental management problem and select your target audience based on a specific need. For example, if economic activity is most closely associated with the environmental problem, outreach initiatives should relate to the needs and interests of the target audience engaged in the economic activity Continue reading →