Gearey, M., & Jeffrey, P. (2005) Finding 1

Use audience assessment strategies to identify which, if any, water and watershed governance strategies interest households and landowners. Build participatory opportunities around specific topics of interest. Consider household and landowner response to strategies such as: pollution control, lowering prices, protecting flood plains, improving storage facilities, improving repairs and maintenance and introducing enforced metering.

Class or Group 
The learning experience: Is based on and shaped by some form of needs assessment and use of a planning model (such as the logic model)
The learning experience: Content and delivery is determined in cooperation with the target audience and stakeholders

Citation: Gearey, M., & Jeffrey, P. (2005). Domestic consumer perceptions of the legitimacy of water resource management options: A case study of the river nene catchment, UK. Water and Environment Journal, 19(4), 312-322.
Citation Type: Research