4-H Projects/Resources

Do you want to:

  • Make new friends from all over Adams County that are as adventurous as you?
  • Have fun participating in activities and trips with friends fro all over Adams County?
  • Learn & teach new and exciting things?

If you can think it –

You can achieve it through 4-H

  • Learn what you want
  • Make your own choices
  • The possibilities are endless!

Pick What Interests You:

Choose a few areas that you want to try.Learn from available resources

Be Active:

Contact club leader and visit meetings.Don’t be shy-they all want to help you achieve

Start Your Adventure:

Attend meetings.Participate in activities.Attend project meetings

Choose a Club:

If you have a friend in 4-H, join with them.The county Extension office has a list of clubs

Adams County 4-H Club Information

There are binders located in the library that can be checked out that coincide with each of these topics.  Go there and check it out for more detailed information!!

Agriculture & Natural Resources

  • PLANT & SOIL SCIENCE – Get the dirt on growing food – for you or your animals.
  • FLOWERS & HOUSEPLANTS – Color your world green with houseplants & flowers, learn landscaping and create arrangements.
  • NATURESPACE – Explore the world around you while biking, backpacking, camping, canoeing, fishing or just observing the habitat.
  • SHOOTING SPORTS – Pick your weapon and learn how to safely hit the target.


  • BEEF -Raise your own prime-from calf to market you will find this project savory.
  • CATS – Learn how to care for your cat and you will have a “purrfect” pal for life.
  • DAIRY – From a calf to a cow-learning feeding, grooming and production, you will find this a “mooving” project.
  • DOG – Don’t let your dog walk all over you, paws a moment and train them right.
  • GOATS – Pygmy, dairy, or meat-it’s not a “baaaad” project.
  • HORSE – Giddy-up Go-horse & pony project will have you galloping on the right trail.
  • POULTRY – Join the flock to figure out which came first – the chicken or the egg.
  • RABBITS – Don’t just carry a “Lucky Rabbits Foot” – get hopping and find out the whole tale about rabbits.
  • SHEEP – Ewe’ll love this project – learn all you can and nobody will pull the wool over your eyes.
  • SWINE – Go hog wild and bring home the bacon as you learn about feeding and finished meat cuts.
  • ANIMAL & VETERINARY SCIENCE – Got animals – learn how to care for them.  Got an exotic pet, a fuzzy one, a wet one or a creepy one – show it off and all you know about them.

Creative Arts

  • CULTURAL ARTS & CRAFTS – Are you the next Picasso – explore your creative side using paint, color, clay, metal or wood or whatever you can imagine.
  • PHOTOGRAPHY – Capture the world around you in pictures.

Family & Consumer Sciences

  • CLOTHING/SEWING – Impress your friends with your New York Style
  • FAMILY & CHILD DEVELOPMENT – More than just babysitting – learn how children grow and develop.
  • FOODS & NUTRITION – You are what ou eat, so stir up a great meal.
  • HOME ENVIRONMENT – Design a living area to say “This is me!”  Start with accessories and progress to a whole new room.
  • KNITTING & CROCHETING – No dropped stitches here, create with yarn.

Personal Development

  • YOUTH LEADERSHIP – Stand up and lead – foster relationships with other leaders and take and active leadership role in activities.
  • HEALTH & SOCIAL SCIENCES – From your Heritage to the issues in your world, explore it all.
  • SELF-DETERMINED – Have a unique idea that doesn’t fit the other boxes –  so play outside the box.

Science, Engineering, & Technology

  • COMPUTERS – Be the next great computer guru.
  • ELECTRICITY – Don’t be shocked – wire your world with power.
  • MECHANICAL SCIENCE – How does it work – from scale models and tractors to engines and welding.
  • STEM PROJECTS – The world is your playground – from rockets and robots to GPS and biotechnology – explore this area.
  • WOODWORKING – You’ve nailed it, create a family heirloom.

Younger Members

  • CLOVERBUDS – Get your feet wet, join as a kindergartner and play with the big kids.
  • EXPLORING – For kinds in 3rd grade if you are unsure of a specific project area, test the waters.