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Adams County 4-H Leaders Association Scholarship


To help Adams County 4-H members, leaders and alumni who have made an outstanding contribution to the Adams County 4-H Program to further their education at an accredited school of higher learning.


The selection of the recipients will be made on the basis of the following factors:

  • Must be a graduating high school senior, or a student who has already completed one semester of post-secondary education.
  • Must be attending (or enrolled at) an accredited school of higher learning.
  • Must be an enrolled 4-H member, an enrolled 4-H leader or an alumni member of an Adams County 4-H Club. A member may receive this award a maximum of 2 times, but preference will be given to an active 4-H youth that has not received the award in the past and completed a record book in prior year.


  • Must submit a completed application form and supporting documents.
  • Submit a 300-500 word essay on “What 4-H has meant to you”
  • Must submit a current copy of your Permanent 4-H Record.


Selection shall be made by the Awards Committee.  Preference will be given to 4-H members that have not previously won a scholarship from the Adams County Leaders Association.  Letters will be sent to applicants after committee has met and made the decision. Winners will also be announced at the May Leaders Association meeting.


Annual scholarship fund of $2000 is available for disbursement of up to a maximum of $500 per applicant to be awarded to the recipient(s) upon registration for the second semester of their first year (or next sequential semester in the case of alumni or college students).  An alternate will be selected in case the winners are unable to use their scholarship.


All students making application for this scholarship shall direct their correspondence to the Awards Committee, c/o Adams County Extension, 569 North Cedar Street, Suite 3, Adams, WI  53910 on or before April 1st of each year.  The application and all supporting documentation must be submitted in a sealed envelope labeled “4-H SCHOLARSHIP”, to ensure that the application is not separated from any documentation prior to review by the Awards Committee.  If more than 6 applications are received, the Extension office shall contact the committee to open applications prior to the April meeting to make copies for committee members.   Extension office, Leader’s Association and/or Awards Committee members are not responsible for applications that are not submitted correctly.