Leaders Association

4-H Leaders Association Title


  • Confidentiality & Permission – We agree to not share each other’s stories or narratives without permission.
  • Fully Present and Patient – We agree to listen to each other without distraction and without interrupting others.
  • Default to Inquiry over Judgement – We agree to be curious and ask questions before making judgements.
  • Share the Air – We agree to share our perspectives, ideas, and narratives while allowing space for others to share their perspective, ideas and narratives.
  • Believe People’s Narratives – We agree to believe each other’s perspectives, ideas, and narratives.
  • Reflection Intent/Impact – We agree to reflect on how our intent and impact may differ or align.
  • Repair Work – When our intent and impact do not align, we agree to acknowledge harm, make a commitment to improve, and ask what is needed to move forward.
  • Self-Compassion – When our intent and impact do not align, we agree to be compassionate with ourselves, understanding we are all lifelong learners.


 Executive Board Meetings – only when announced

 Leaders Association Meetings –  3rd Monday of every month at the Community Center – 6:30 pm

Leaders Association Purpose
The purpose of this Association is to supplement and enhance the learning experiences provided to the 4-H clubs within Adams County and to assist in the coordination of learning experiences and financial support of Adams County 4-H youth members, 4-H volunteer/leaders in the county, District, State, Regional, National and International events.  Voting membership in this Association shall be open for participation to any adult 4-H leader who is an enrolled leader and has completed the Youth Protection Process.  Voting membership is also open to youth enrolled in the Youth Leadership Project, 6th grade and up of the current 4-H year.  The Association agrees that membership or participation in 4-H will follow the state guideline book, to be changed automatically as the State amends.