Awards & Recognition

Awards – Awards Banquet – Ambassadors

Awards Committee Policies and Procedures

General Nomination Form

Record Book Rubric

Awards Committee Calendar

October (There may be multiple meetings in October in preparation of Awards Banquet)

  • Select chair/secretary for year
  • Review/Update Policies and Procedures
  • Set calendar and focus for year
  • Awards, Record Books applications due October 15th– this is subject to change per committee
  • Select awards
  • Tally record book awards
  • Order awards
  • Finalize Banquet

November (Virtual – e-mail)

  • Promotion of Record Books
  • Review Awards Banquet

January Meeting

  • Scholarship Applications due on April 1st
  • Review award applications

April Meeting

  • Select winners of scholarships and Wisconsin Spirit Trip participants
  • Award Sponsors for Fair

June/July Meeting

  • Promotion of awards
  • Choose judges for ME awards and record books
  • Banquet Planning


  • Promotion of Record Books:  Opportunity to reflect on your project through documenting what was learned and achieved through out the 4H year.
  • Awards:  Importance of celebrating accomplishments of each youth.
  • Trips:  Excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge through travel- learning by doing.
  • Scholarship: Ability to support our youth in continuing education.