Member Evaluation – ME

Overview of ME

The Member Evaluation- ME is a written reflection of your activity in 4-H.  It resembles a resume for 4-H.  Think of it as a log of all of the activities you have completed in your years of being a 4-H member.  

An ME needs to be completed in order for you to receive financial support from the leaders association for any Educational Experiences you may go on. It is also needed for the Key Award Selection Process.  

Any 4-H member is allowed and welcome to sign up for trips and pay their own way if that is their preference. To be reimbursed per the Awards Committee Policy members must complete an ME. 

You are encouraged to complete a record book, if you have your 4-H Permanent Record completed in your record book you can use that document as part of your ME.  If you do not have a record book completed you will need to complete the 4-H Project Work document.  

ME’s are Due October 15th