Record Books


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Skill Development: 
Self Confidence
Public Speaking
Record Keeping

  • Record Book Components: All Record Books must have the following pieces in order
  1. Introduction Page– An introduction page including your name, last year’s grade in school, club name and  years in 4-H. A short biography and picture is nice, but not required. 
  2. Record Book Recommendation Form– This form needs to be signed by your Club Leader, Member, Parent/Guardian. If you complete more than one project record indicate what areas you would like to receive a pin in. You can receive up to two (2) pins each year. 
  3. 4-H Project Record– Choose a project you want to highlight. Include project reviews from fair, certificates  won, pictures and any other items that you have that relate to you in this project area. 
  4. Permanent Record- This is your permanent record over ALL your 4-H years.


3rd – 5th Grade Record Book

6th – 8th Grade Record Book

9th – 13th Grade Record Book

Please make a copy of the Record Book you want and fill out your copy.

Below are Record Book forms in PDF formate to print.

Cloverbud – PDF
3rd – 5th Grade – PDF
6th – 8th Grade – PDF
9th – 13th Grade – PDF

Please call the Extension Adams County office at 608-339-4237 or email to have them sent to you.