Pollution from smokestacks

U.S. Air Pollution Deaths Nearly Halved Over Two Decades

From Yale Environmental 360, October 19, 2018. The number of deaths related to air pollution in the United States shrank by 47 percent between 1990 and 2010, dropping from 135,000 per year to 71,000, according to new research published in the journal Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. The decline in mortality is attributable to stricter regulations and improvements in […]

faucet with running water

Counties In Southwestern Wisconsin Fund New Research On Groundwater Quality

From Wisconsin Public Radio, October 18, 2018. Three counties in southwestern Wisconsin are commissioning a new study of private wells in response to growing concerns about groundwater contamination across the state. Grant, Iowa and Lafayette counties are funding the Southwest Wisconsin Groundwater and Geology (SWIGG) study. Researchers from the Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey, […]

filling water glass at faucet

We add it to drinking water for our teeth — but is fluoride hurting us?

From Environmental Health News, October 10, 2018. Two studies — one from Canada and one Mexico — released today point to potential health problems from fluoride, which, in a majority of U.S. communities, is purposefully added to drinking water to protect people’s teeth. The Canada study found that adults who are iodine deficient and have […]

loon floating in water

Minnesota loons could benefit from BP oil spill money

From the Star Tribune, October 9, 2018. Minnesota’s loons have made it onto a national shortlist of conservation projects likely to be funded by an $18 billion fund established after the 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Federal agencies overseeing the massive settlement announced Tuesday that the state’s loon project made the final […]

lake water closeup

Clearing Up Murky Lake Water Has Impact On Nearby Property Values

From Wisconsin Public Radio, October 2, 2018. Jean Hedren never hears homebuyers in northern Wisconsin say they don’t care if the lake by their prospective home is green. “It’s got to be clear,” said Hedren, an Edina Realty real estate agent who specializes in selling lake homes in northwest Wisconsin. Generally speaking, Hedren said it’s […]

water bottle handoff

Why ‘BPA Free’ May Not Mean a Plastic Product Is Safe

From National Geographic, September 13, 2018. The study started as an accident. Geneticist Patricia Hunt of Washington State University and her team were investigating the reproductive effects of BPA in mice. Housed in BPA-free plastic cages, the test group got doses of BPA through a dropper; the control group didn’t. Everything seemed rosy—until it wasn’t. […]

spray bottle

Household cleaners may make children overweight

From Cosmos, September 17, 2018. Household cleaners could be responsible for making children overweight, by changing their gut microbiota, medical researchers say. A study, published in Canadian Medical Association Journal, analysed the gut flora of 757 infants at age three to four months, and weight at ages one and three years, while cross referencing their […]

household chemicals

Walmart to Shed Solvents Linked to Deaths, Birth Defects

From Bloomberg News, August 20, 2018. Walmart Inc., the world’s largest retailer, will stop selling paint strippers containing a solvent linked to more than a dozen deaths and a second solvent that could harm the development of babies in the womb. The phase out applies to paint strippers with either methylene chloride or n-methylpyrroilidone (NMP). […]

coal plant with plume

Air Pollution Adversely Affecting Test Scores

From US News, September 9, 2018. POLLUTION HAS LONG BEEN associated with damaging side effects on the human body, causing respiratory problems, heart and liver dysfunction, as well as fatigue, headaches, and lower life expectancy. Now, new research shows the effects stretch much further than that and may adversely affect brain activity. A recent study […]

sky with clouds

No, the United States isn’t the cleanest country

From Politifact, August 23, 2018. “I want clean air. I want crystal clean water. And we’ve got it. We’ve got the cleanest country in the planet right now,” Trump said in an Aug. 21 rally in Charleston, W.Va. “There’s nobody cleaner than us, and it’s getting better and better.” Does the United States dominate when […]

sky with clouds

It’s easier to breathe in Beijing these days

From MNN News, August 20, 2018. As China continues to crack down on pollution, Beijing’s residents are breathing easier and seeing bluer skies. As reported by Bloomberg, of the seven months with the lowest monthly pollution readings since 2008, five of them have happened since the summer of 2017, with back-to-back low-pollution months this summer […]