Land Use Training consists of two course designed to orientate new members to the roles and responsibilities of plan commissions and zoning boards. They are also beneficial for local government officials, planning and zoning staff, and interested citizens in understanding their relationship to the plan commission or zoning board.

The Plan Commission and Zoning Board training courses each contain several learning modules that you can complete sequentially or independently. Each module provides detailed content on the subject area. Various resources accompany each module.

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Plan Commission Training

Plan Commission Training is designed to orient new members and interested citizens to the roles and responsibilities of the plan commission and to serve as a refresher for veteran members of the commission.

Subdivision development

Zoning Board Training

Zoning Board Training is designed to assist zoning board members with their responsibilities and the public in understanding the role of the zoning board and the procedures and standards with which their decisions must comply.

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Quickly access resources, forms and worksheets included throughout the course pages.

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