About Us

The Center for Land Use Education (CLUE) is a joint venture of the College of Natural Resources at the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point and the University of Wisconsin – Madison Division of Extension. It is a focal point for land use planning and management education.

CLUE was established in 2000 to provide learning opportunities related to land use. We create learning opportunities for communities to help them make sound land use decisions that result in a sustainable Wisconsin. The Land Use Training & Resources series is CLUE’s latest effort to continually expand educational channels for communities throughout the state.


Lynn Markham is a land use specialist. Markham has a M.S. in Biochemistry from the University of Oregon. Her extension work focuses on land use tools and techniques to protect drinking water, lakes and streams; zoning and boards of adjustment/appeals; and sustainable communities. To assist communities, Markham provides research-based information, policy options and community case studies.

Rebecca Roberts is a land use specialist. She has a Master’s in Urban Planning from the University of Illinois. Roberts provides training workshops for plan commissions, zoning boards and other local land use officials. She also assists communities with comprehensive planning, public participation, plan implementation and the fiscal impacts of land use decisions.

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