4-H Program Management

Volunteer Competencies – 4-H Program Management

Volunteers must understand and follow appropriate policies, procedures and safety guidelines when acting on behalf of Extension.

Volunteer Training Materials:

Indiana 4-H Youth Development Council Handbook Each local 4-H Youth Development Program is guided by local decision makers who understand the mission of Extension and how 4-H helps to achieve that mission. This publication is designed to help those 4-H decision makers contribute to the development of a quality 4-H Youth Development Program in their community. Tip Sheets and Infographics are included!

Indiana 4-H Takes a Bite Out of Hunger – Funding opportunities available to Indiana 4-H clubs to address local hunger/food insecurity issues. Resources include the information letter, proposal form, and report form. https://extension.purdue.edu/4h/Pages/Take_a_Bite_Out_of_Hunger.aspx

Indiana Inclusive 4-H Resources – Extra-curricular activities such as 4-H can be greatly beneficial to children with disabilities. 4-H activities can be a valuable way to gain new skills such as responsibility, integrity, leadership, and communication. Extra curriculars can also help these children build relationships, explore their interests, and gain a sense of belonging. With some intentional planning, 4-H can be an inclusive program for children with disabilities and their families. The Inclusive 4-H resources provide assistance to Extension professionals and volunteers as they seek to become a more inclusive program.

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