Volunteer Management – Orientation

The process of orienting volunteers to the expectations of the 4-H youth development program and their volunteer role. This includes new volunteer training and support.

Staff Development Tools:

Volunteer Training Materials:

  • Illinois 4-H Overnight Chaperone Orientation This site is a self study unit for volunteers serving in overnight chaperone roles for 4-H members. At the completion of the quizzes, the volunteers may print out a certificate and the local Extension office and the State 4-H Office receive notification of completion. This site was developed by Illinois and is part of the University of Illinois Extension web site.
  • Illinois Volunteer Orientation Online Course All new volunteers are encouraged to complete this session on line. They are also encouraged to make an appointment to visit their local Extension office to meet the staff, tour the facilities, receive a glossary and role description related to the role they hope to fulfill. The course was developed by Illinois.
  • Indiana New 4-H Volunteer Orientation Are you a new 4-H Volunteer? This series of six modules provides you with a basic overview of the 4-H Program. Included are video lessons, files with the lesson plans included, and a written quiz to test your knowledge on each module.​ Experienced volunteers are welcome to explore these modules too!
  • Indiana 4-H Mentor ManualThe Mentor Manual provides an overview of the 4-H program and positive youth development philosophy. Included are reflection questions that allows this to be used as an interactive training tool in person or virtually. This can serve as an effective orientation resource for new volunteers and a good refresher for more experienced volunteers.
  • Iowa Volunteer Orientation Videos – Orientation is an important part of new volunteer onboarding. These videos give an overview of the Iowa 4-H program and can also be used with prospective new volunteers.
  • Michigan Volunteer Handbook Volunteer Handbook This MS Word format publication is designed as a customizable template for Michigan 4-H county staff to fill in their local information and share with volunteers. Included are answers to many frequently asked questions about the 4-H program policies, procedures, volunteer and staff roles, club structures, recognition, events and programs, resources and more. (Staff: fill in highlighted areas of the publication with your local information. The cover art can be customized to indicate your county location.)
  • MSU Extension Volunteer – Welcome Module In this module volunteers gain an understanding of Michigan State University Extension through learning about the Land Grant System, Agricultural Experiment Stations, the origins of cooperative extension, how volunteers are vital to extension and polices that all volunteers must follow.
  • MSU What Every Volunteer Working With Youth Should Know In this module volunteers are provided with an overview of Michigan 4-H and the different roles a volunteer can play.
  • Minnesota 4-H Volunteer Orientationonline or print document. Orientation is part of the volunteer screening process in Minnesota and an excellent introduction to 4-H for new and prospective volunteers. Participants will learn how volunteers fit into the larger picture of 4-H and the University of Minnesota, and review our philosophy, policies and procedures. From this site the orientation can viewed via online video, print document, or podcast.

Resources From Outside the North Central Region: