4-H EZ: Recipe for 4-H Community Club Success

These modules have been created for youth (including teen leaders and 4-H Club Officers) and adult 4-H volunteers, as well as Extension professionals. Each module includes a series of tips, resources, and activities to help make operating your 4-H club “EZ”. The goal is to share promising practices of organizing a 4-H Club that youth and adult volunteers can implement together.

These resources can be viewed online individually or led in a face-to-face group setting. These topics can stand alone, but have been designed to build upon one another.

Click on the header of each section below to sign in and watch the video for that section. After you sign in, you will be able to watch the video. You will be asked to complete a short evaluation after each section to share with us something you will apply from the topic to your 4-H Club, and to inform us of future training needs.

Please note that a 4-H EZ Application Guide has been included in the Introduction resources. This guide will allow you to reflect on each of the videos and apply the information to your 4-H Community Club setting.The North Central Region 4-H Volunteer Specialists are pleased to present this series to you! If you would like to learn more about 4-H resources and programming offered by any of the North Central states, please visit:  https://fyi.extension.wisc.edu/ncrvd/. Thanks for joining us on our journey to 4-H E-Z!

INTRODUCTION (video – 8:15, and survey)

TOPIC ONE:  Develop a Culture for Youth Involvement (video – 15:06, and survey)

TOPIC TWO: Lead a Club that Works  (video – 18:13, and survey)

TOPIC THREE: Take 4-H Beyond the Meeting (video – 18:43, and survey)

TOPIC FOUR: Measure Club Success (video – 9:33, and survey)

CONCLUSION (video – 1:27, and survey)

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