New and Emerging Curriculum

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Get Connected in Your 4-H World

As a 4-H Volunteer you have the world of 4-H resources at your fingertips. This session will assist you in locating new 4-Hcurriculum and tools that are available on the National 4-H web site, multiple states’ 4-H web sites and through social networking sites such as Facebook and Ning. Being linked in to the electronic resources that are available will make running your club easier and more efficient.

Presented by: Rachelle Vettern, North Dakota State University

4-H Science

Science is everywhere! Through inquiry-based learning along with hand-on activities and experiments, 4-H Science Curriculum can enhance science learning. From animals to wind, from plants to robotics, 4-H Science encourages kids to understand the world around them while learning by doing.

Presented by: Dixie Sandborn, Michigan State University

Community Service Learning

4-H has long been known for its efforts to give back to the community. The Citizenship National 4-H Mission Mandate has served to reinforce and uplift these efforts as a critical part of the 4-H experience. During this session, participants will identify similarities and differences between community service and service-learning opportunities and identify steps that can be taken to help 4-H members achieve even greater benefits from serving their communities.
Time will be provided for participants to exchange ideas on successful community service opportunities that their 4-H Clubs have completed. Resources will also be provided to volunteers and staff that they can share with 4-H members to more effectively plan and implement service opportunities.

Presented by Steve McKinley, Purdue University

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