Beiswenger, R., Sturges, E. L., & Jones, R. (1991) Finding 4

Provide teachers with substantial support, to better enable them to build water supply and management topics into their curricula, by:

  • Providing them with the following, to assure that they can successfully implement a curriculum: Supportive curriculum resources; Training to support thorough understanding of scope and content objectives

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Brody, M. (1995) Finding 1

Water and water resource education has a distinct body of knowledge described by topics categorized as concepts, skills, and values or emotions. Water science and management knowledge has been organized by Brody (1995) and others. Continue reading →

Brody, M. (1995) Finding 2

Recognize that issues and context for different geographic regions impact educator and natural resource manager priorities for the relative importance of selected concepts, skills, and values. Tie water and water resource education to local values and needs of:

  • The geographic region
  • Educator identified priorities
  • Natural resource manager identified priorities

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