Atwood, C., Kreutzwiser, R., & de Loe, R. (2007) Finding 2

To assess customer satisfaction with community water conservation programs, consider evaluating: effectiveness in reducing water use; effectiveness of enforcement; fairness; overall satisfaction with the program; necessity of the water use restrictions; and necessity of the water use bans.

The learning experience: Provides participants with feedback about the results of their actions.

Beyond the Community 
The learning experience: Offers avenues for participation which are competent, fair, and enhance involvement for all levels of responsibility.

Citation: Atwood, C., Kreutzwiser, R., & de Loe, R. (2007). Residents’ assessment of an urban outdoor water conservation program in Guelph, Ontario. Journal of the American Water Resources Association, 43(2), 427-439.
Citation Type: Research