Habron, G. B., Kaplowitz, M. D., & Levine, R. L. (2004) Finding 1

Capture the social dynamics of grounds maintenance operations units including social, physical, and environmental responses to watershed management concerns to reveal key decision-making points in the system. Develop a framework of these dynamics, to illustrate activities needed to implement sustainable watershed and environmental management at large institutions.

The learning experience: Generates and makes use of data about the local condition.

Class or Group 
The learning experience: Is based on and shaped by some form of needs assessment and use of a planning model (such as the logic model)
The learning experience: Is designed to focus on a targeted audience and is built on an understanding of audience skills and interests.

Citation: Habron, G. B., Kaplowitz, M. D., & Levine, R. L. (2004). A soft systems approach to watershed management: A road salt case study. Environmental Management, 33(6), 776-787.
Citation Type: Research