Report Invasive Species

View our handbook: Monitoring Invasive Plants in Wisconsin.

You have several options for reporting invasive species. If you have a smartphone or tablet, the easiest option is to use the EDDMapS app (which is replacing the Great Lakes Early Detection Network, or GLEDN, app). No smartphone? You can still submit reports through the EDDMapS website. You can also email WIFDN. Read on to pick the best option for you!

Look at a priority species list for your county
Tips for monitoring invasive plants: video

Report with the EDDMapS app

This year (2021) begins the phase out of the regional GLEDN app, so it’s time to start using the EDDMapS app! The EDDMapS app allows you to map and report invasive species infestations with your smartphone or tablet. Your reports will be added to, a national database of invasive species reports.
Get started with the EDDMapS App Guide!

Still using GLEDN? Check out these resources!

Report on EDDMapS website

If you don’t have a smartphone or tablet, you can still submit reports via the EDDMapS website. After registering for an account, click on “Report Sightings” to submit your report.

  • Learn how to explore invasive species data and manage your GLEDN and EDDMapS reports in this EDDMapS Tutorial video.


If you submit a report via email to WIFDN be sure to include:

  • location of species (GPS coordinates) and approximate size of infestation (# of individuals, area covered, etc.)
  • photos of the invasive species
  • your contact information

Email WIFDN at