Report Invasive Species

How to Get Started

  1. Learn how to identify some invasive plants. Whether you’re new to invasive plants or know many already, you can learn more at our Invasive Plant Identification Resources page.
  2. Choose your reporting tool from the options below. Most people will use the EDDMapS App. There are links to training resources for each option. Contact WIFDN if you need help getting started!
  3. Go outside and map the invasive plants you find. You can record what you see while doing other activities, or go somewhere specifically to map invasive plants.
  4. Submit your reports. If you’re using one of the apps, don’t forget to upload your reports!
  5. Contact WIFDN if you have questions. We’re here to help! If you have questions about the reporting tools, identifying plants, or anything else, let us know! Email us at

Visit the EDDMapS website to register for an account, edit your reports, view invasive species profiles and distribution maps, and more!

The EDDMapS App replaces GLEDN and is designed for volunteers and community scientists. Use the built-in field guide to brush up on your species I.D. and easily map invasive species.

Designed for professionals and others who want more customizable features, the EDDMapS Pro App allows you to navigate to existing reports and record revisits.

Email Reports to WIFDN!

Not interested in reporting on the EDDMapS website or App? You can submit a report via email to WIFDN! Be sure to include:

  • location of species (GPS coordinates) and approximate size of infestation (# of individuals, area covered, etc.)
  • when you saw the species
  • photos of the invasive species

Email WIFDN at

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