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Anne Pearce

Program Coordinator


Anne began working as the WIFDN Coordinator in September 2016. She came to Wisconsin from Minnesota to study Soil Science and Biology at UW-Madison. After graduating, she spent several years teaching environmental education and working on conservation projects around the country before returning to Madison to complete a M.S. in Water Resources Management. Prior to signing on with WIFDN, she worked on a new invasive plant management initiative at UW-Madison’s Lakeshore Nature Preserve. She also spends time managing invasive plants as a volunteer team leader for UW Arboretum’s Ecological Restoration Work Parties.

Mark Renz

Scientific Advisor


Mark Renz (Ph.D) is an assistant professor and extension weed specialist with the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Dr. Renz researches and extends information about the biology and management of invasive plants. Research goals in Dr. Renz’s lab are centered on developing information that will improve management by improving the knowledge and understanding of invasive plant biology. Dr. Renz has over 15 years of experience with management of invasive plants throughout the United States in a wide range of habitats including riparian zones, roadsides, floodplains, prairies, wetlands, and forests. Education efforts focus on providing technical information and educational opportunities for agency staff, consultants, companies, and citizens concerned about invasive plants. Dr. Renz also is the president of the Midwest invasive Plant Network whose mission is to reduce the impact of invasive plants in the Midwestern United States.

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