Pond Watchers are WIFDN volunteers who look for a set of 8 target species in their local waterbodies and report their efforts to WIFDN.

How to Become a Pond Watcher

Anyone can be a Pond Watcher volunteer! The knowledge/skills you’ll need include:

  • Ability to identify one or more Pond Watchers Target Species
  • Knowledge of how to survey for target species using the Pond Watchers protocol
  • Knowledge of how to document and report target species found
  • Knowledge of how to document and report surveys with no target species found

Not sure you’re ready to jump in? Take a look at this flowchart to help determine what knowledge/skills you need to build before completing a survey. Or, check out the Pond Watchers Handbook below!

Pond Watchers Handbook

Read the Pond Watchers Handbook to learn everything you need to know to participate in the program. If you still have questions after reviewing the handbook, contact us!

  • Pond Watchers Negative Report Form: complete and submit this form to document survey efforts in which no target species were found

Pond Watchers Training  Sessions

There are currently no Pond Watchers training sessions scheduled. If you would like to schedule a training in your area, contact Anne (anne.pearce@wisc.edu, 608-262-9570).