Horse Farm Manager

What is the most rewarding part of this job?  The best part about his job is getting a healthy foal and watching it grow. Horses have such big personalities and are so fun to work with. The big, fancy ribbons and trophies that you can win at the fairs and horse shows don’t hurt either!

Background Information:  Horse farm managers can own their own horses as well as be employed at other farms or stables. Horse owners often show and sell their horses and semen from their studs. It is the farm manager’s job to make sure all of the work on the farm gets done. They feed the horses, monitor animal health, and take care of the foaling mothers. They also collect, process, and package the semen for shipment. They are in charge of all the marketing and sales for the horses and well as the semen. It is also their job to maintain the semen processing lab by washing the supplies and staying up to date with their equipment.

Experience/Education Needed:  Although there is no official education requirement for being a horse farm manager, there are many different kinds of equine short courses that are very beneficial to take. In this position, you learn from other horse owners and breeders as you go.

Average Salary Range: This career is not one that has a conventional salary. You can get an income from selling the horses and semen, but at a small scale it is more of a hobby than a career. In order to make a living off of a career like this, it needs to be done at a large scale.

Career Roadmap: These are the steps one might take to get to this career.

Start off by graduating high school and choose whether you want to get a degree or not. If so, there are many schools that offer equine science degrees. If not, gain experience in the horse industry through internships and take short courses to learn extra skills such as semen collecting, storing, and selling. Work at a stable or horse farm and eventually acquire your own animals.


horse farm manager