Production and Forecast Manager


What is the most rewarding part of this job? The best part about this job is being able to go to the store and see the consumers purchasing your flowers and the joy that the plants bring to these people. Plus, you can’t help but be happy when you’re working with so much color! It is also so great to get outside and get your hands dirty every once in a while.

Background Information: Production and Forecasting Managers work for companies that produce and grow annuals, perennials, baskets, plugs and many more plant products for wholesale to garden centers, mass merchandisers, supermarkets, and club stores all over the United States. As the Production and Forecasting Manager, it is your job to put together the right amount of the right mixes of plant merchandise to ship out to retailers. You also communicate with growers to get in new products to grow, sell, and even experiment with.

Experience/Education Needed: You will need some kind of a horticulture degree, whether it is a four-year or a two-year technical degree. Take a lot of horticulture classes in high school and college. Those really help you get familiar with this field. What really will prepare you for a career like this is getting out into the field and doing internships and getting jobs working directly with plants and flowers to gain experience.

Average Salary Range: The average pay rage for a greenhouse worker is about $10-$12 per hour, all the way up to $25 per hour. A Production and Forecasting Manager’s salary can range from about $30,000 to about $90,000.

Career Roadmap: These are the steps one might take to get to this career.

It is important to take horticulture classes in high school to make sure that this is something you are interested in. Start working towards a horticulture degree from either a two-year technical college or a four-year university. Work on finding internships and gaining experience in the field, which will help you to understand the industry. In a career like this, you will likely start out at the bottom and work your way to the top.


production and forecasting manager