Area Sales Manager (Crops)

What is the most rewarding part of this job?  The best part about this job is that every single day is different. This can sometimes be a challenge, but  it is well worth it because right now is the most exciting time to be in the crop industry with all of the new products and technology. It is very rewarding to watch a crop develop into its final product. In this position, you are working to feed the world by providing different crops with better yields and improved nutrition.

Background Information:  Area sales managers for crops are usually hired by large cooperatives to service other cooperatives and independent dealers in their area. They sell crop products such as seeds, herbicides, growth regulators, seed treatments, and micro and macronutrients. They also work with customer development and retail sales. As the manager, they may be in charge of supervising other employees in the company as well.

Experience/Education Needed:  In this career it is very important to get a very strong background in crops and agriculture. There are a lot of opportunities for internships in the crop industry, like crop scouting and agronomy. A degree in crop science or biology is very beneficial but there are other options for education, such as training programs and classes at the technical level.

Average Salary Range: The starting salary ranges from about $45,000 to $50,000. There are incentive programs and lots of room for advancement, which can bring the salary up to $80,000.

Career Roadmap: These are the steps one might take to get to this career.

While in high school, gain as much crop and farming experience as you can. Work towards a degree in either crop science, agronomy, biology, or a related major and continue to get experience by getting different internships every summer. In most cases, you will likely start working in an entry-level position before moving your way up to a manager position.


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