Agricultural Machinist/Technician

What is the most rewarding part of this job?  The best part about this job is working with the customers. They are great people, and it is really rewarding to help them out.

Background Information:  Agriculture machinery technicians are usually hired by farm implement dealers that sell and service farming machinery, products, and parts. Some dealers also provide consulting services related to machinery and farming solutions. As the machinery technician, you will maintain, diagnose, and repair all kinds of farm equipment. You may teach customers who buy new machines how to use and maintain them and put on clinics related to farming solutions as well.

Experience/Education Needed:  For this career, you need at least an associate’s degree or an apprenticeship in agricultural mechanics. Forage cropping and seeding classes and programs will also help you be successful in this career. However, on the job training is what will prepare you the most.

Average Salary Range: Most machinery technician jobs are paid hourly rather than salary. The pay for this career can range from $12 to $19 per hour.

Career Roadmap: These are the steps one might take to get to this career.

To start off, get involved with farming and agriculture and learn to do some field work and simple maintenance repairs on the machinery. Go to either a 4 year or technical college and work towards a degree in agricultural mechanics. Take a variety of crop or seeding classes to help you understand the uses of the machinery you will be repairing.


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