District Conservationist

What is the most rewarding part of this job?  The best part of this job is that you get to help farmers improve the environment. This is a great career for someone who is passionate about conserving natural resources and the environment.

Background Information:  The USDA works to improve water, air, and soil quality by administering farm programs and manure and water storage solutions. The District Conservationist’s job for the USDA is to manage the office and its staff, making sure everything is taken care of and work runs smoothly. They deal with the rules and regulations for the USDA and work with farmers to ensure requirements and protocols are being met. This may include making sure that permits or contracts have been obtained for various building projects on farms.

Experience/Education Needed:  For this career, you need a lot of agronomy, soils, biology and plants classes. Mapping and GIS classes are also extremely beneficial if not already required. A degree in city planning may also be beneficial for this particular position.

Average Salary Range: The average starting salary range for this job is about $35,000 but can be as much as $135,000. There is always room for advancement in a career like this.

Career Roadmap: These are the steps one might take to get to this career.

To start off, become a volunteer with the Earth Team or related organization. A lot employees involved in the USDA started out as volunteers for the Earth Team. Get an internship with the USDA if they are available.  This will give you hands-on experience and you can learn more about what USDA does. While in school, take classes like soils, biology, and animal husbandry. The district conservationist job has a lot to do with the planning and facilitation of agricultural projects, so it may be beneficial to go to college and get a degree in something like city planning.


district conservationist