Dairy Cattle Reproductive Specialist (Breeding Technician)



What is the most rewarding part of this job?  The best part about this job is working with many different clients, both people and cows, who eventually become like family. It is also great to see farms improve their milk production and have healthier cows because of your services.

Background Information:  As a reproductive specialist, it is your job to detect when a cow is in heat or ready to be bred and then breed her. This involves record keeping and analysis of cows that are bred and consulting with the farmers on the best breeding options. Reproductive specialists do most of their business through farm visits, meaning that this career involves a lot of travel and team work to get the job done. Most breeders are hired by cooperatives or companies that provide artificial insemination services, semen, and a wide variety of dairy farming products. Most breeders also work with other companies for their testing and sampling needs.

Experience/Education Needed:  Although this career does not require an official degree, it is beneficial to have a degree in dairy science or related field. Most companies that hire reproductive specialists provide training classes to teach them how to breed. There are also workshops and online classes available to stay updated on the current trends in agriculture and breeding.

Average Salary Range: The salary rage for this career varies greatly because it is mostly commission based. It can be anywhere from $28,000 starting pay to $120,000 if you are full time and have a high success rate for your breedings.

Career Roadmap: These are the steps one might take to get to this career.

Although being a reproductive specialist or breeder is a job that most people can jump into right away, it may be beneficial to follow some of these steps. Graduate high school and pick a college that is right for you. It is important to stay involved in student clubs like Dairy Club and Dairy Judging to become familiar with the animals. Graduating with a degree in dairy science may offer advantages in your career in the long run.

dairy reproductive specialist