COVID-19 Response Plan Template and FAQ about COVID-19 for Fruit and Vegetable Farms

The UW Madison Division of Extension Dane County, FairShare CSA Coalition and the University of Minnesota Extension are pleased to announce a COVID-19 template and FAQ about COVID -19 for fruit and vegetable farms

The template plan can be accessed here: COVID-19 template for fruit and vegetable farms

  • It is set up as a google document that you can download as a Word file, or copy into your own google drive, and then edit and print.
  • There are a series of prompts to help you identify risks across the farm and an array of suggested practices you could use to minimize those risks.
  • It is designed to make it easy to delete the things you are not doing and/or to add in additional steps you are taking.
  • As new information becomes available, the content will be updated but the link will not change, so that you have access to the latest information easily.

In the FAQ about COVID-19 for fruit and vegetable farms, gardens, and markets you will find specific issues, that fruit and vegetable farmers are asking about in relation to COVID-19.

Contact Claire Strader at  608-234-1561 or  if you have any questions