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Pesticide Applicator Training Update- 10/15/21

Dane County Extension is working on details for Pesticide Applicator Training. With COVID-19 all certifications expiring in early 2021 or late 2020 were extended to December 31st, 2021, meaning there are near double the amount of people to certify. We will send out letters notifying you if your certification is expiring in December or early […]


We invite you to participate in the UW-Dairy Brain survey

The Coordinated Innovation Network of the Dairy Brain project at the University of Wisconsin-Madison aims to create awareness and guidelines regarding data in the dairy industry. We are an open community and need your input to learn more about a number of key topics related to data collection and utilization such as: data security; data ownership; best […]


Information for Immigrant Workers

María José Fuenzalida, Dane County Dairy and Livestock educator, prepared a series of articles, the purpose of these articles is to educate immigrant workers about true facts related to the public charge rule and to provide information about health care options for members of the family, especially for children.

For more information visit: Information for Immigrant Workers

We want immigrant workers to learn about health care programs available for low-income households and to know where they can find more information about immigration and health care coverage in Wisconsin.


Datos sobre inmigración y beneficios públicos para los trabajadores inmigrantes

María José Fuenzalida, educadora lechera y ganadera del Condado de Dane, explica en una serie de artículos los hechos reales relacionados con la regla de carga pública y  información sobre las opciones de atención médica para los miembros de la familia, especialmente para los niños.

Visite: Información para Trabajadores Inmigrantes

Lo invitamos a compartir esta información con otras personas que se pueden beneficiar.


Watch the video: Interview with Dr. María José Fuenzalida

Join us as Dr.María José Fuenzalida explains her new factsheet entitled, “Impact of Heat Stress in mammary gland development and health in dairy cows”
This interview conducted by Heather Schlesser with the Marathon County Extension office highlights the main takeaways of the new factsheet.