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Keeping Your Cool While Working with Youth

4-H volunteers bring their own skills and experiences in working with youth. When dealing with behavior management, there are many different ways that leaders can plan for and respond to situations to encourage cooperation within a group. A successful, cooperative group meeting is due in great part to proper planning. It also means taking an interest in and using positive behaviors to build relationships with youth. Participants will explore various, useful techniques that can be used when working with youth. Youth want to belong to a group and be valued for their contributions. Participants will learn how to create an environment where the essential elements of positive youth development are met.

Presented by: Pat McGlaughlin and Sherri Seibold, University of Illinois

Reducing the Risks of 4-H Club Meetings

The learning environment of the 4-H club meeting is filled with challenges and risks. Is there adequate adult supervision? How are the members behaving today? Is the facility still a safe location? How do I prepare for 4-H club field trips and service activities? These are all valid questions that, when considered carefully, can help 4-H leaders prepare for the many “What ifs?” that could potentially happen.
This session will focus on risk management as a process to help 4-H leaders prepare for meetings, and to be able to respond to the unexpected challenges that arise in spite of the best plans. Participants will identify potential risks, will determine what risks can be managed, will acquire resources for those decisions, and will conclude that some risks are too great and must be avoided.

Presented by: Vicki Schwartz, Ohio State University

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